About us


Our philosophy: high level service and low cost

 Lowcostrometaxi.com is a company of limo services (private taxis) based n Rome. If you wish to travel classy not changing the rates you should pay or even saving something, our comapny is what you need. Our philosophy is to offer a very high service at low prices. This apparently brakes the rule of life “low cost = low value”. In the truth, thanks to our system to work, we are able to guarantee always a veichle to the customer and to give him a nice car. All of these at low rates.All this became real because the only employers we have are our secretaries and all the drivers are trustable free lances we are used to cooperate with. To work with cooperators instead of fix employers gives several advantages, expecially two: all the limos in Rome are avalaible for you, you can chose among a big group of drivers the one more adapt to the service you have to devolope.This guarantee to our client a car for every need and minimum a English speaking driver.

Courstesy and reliability

Our booking service is always avalible, 24 hours per day. Our secreteries are always very kind and ready to give all the information required. As much as our secretaries our drivers are very reliable and kind. Always in time, they will be happy to give all the information required from the permanance in a new city.

Fully licensed company

Our company is fully licensed to work in Rome. Each municipality in Italy that has enough number of people to giustify the presence of a limo license has its own licenses. That means that with the license of Florence you can not operate in Rome permanently ( of course, you can take a client from Rome to Florence ). This is a very big problems in the big cities in Italy because they are full of abusive licenses. The police is very sensible to this problem. If the car where you are traveling with is not regular and you will be stop to a police check point, you will not have troubles, of course, but you will waste a lot of time and may loose your coincidence. 

License to reach the check in point of the ships at Civitavecchia port

Our drivers and their veichles are authorized from the port to reach the entrance of  the ships at Civitavecchia port. After attending a proper course that prepared about the security rules inside the port custom area and its main rules in general, it is possible to reach the entrance of the ships. This is a big advantage for the customers because they dont’ have to carry the luggage for long distance, waiting under the sun the bus shuttle that takes at the ships and carry once more the luggage.

Insurance for all passengers

The dangers to choose a limo service not authorized to operate in Rome doesn’t finish with a big delay for you in case of police check point, if the car you are traveling with is not regular about the insurance. In line with the low our cars cover the minimum compensation rate due in case of damages . This insurance includes damages to all pasangers and you will be fully recompsed for you demages.


Our limo company does all kind of transfers. We take people from and to Rome from and to every destination. Our big fleet allow us to cover all kind of services: from a normal transfer by sedan from Rome city to Rome airports ot to Civitavecchia port, up to a long transfer by bus from one city in Italy to another one in another country. Beside we are well organized to do tours in Rome and other touristic cities in Italy and thanks to our connections with the guides companies we don’t have problems to provide guides. For the business men who need to travel Rome to visit their partners with classy and efficience we have the disposal by hours. Our rates page is also weel organized to offer a fast booking service for the more required destinations from business men.


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