Airport or hotel transfer cancellation –In case you have already payed your service, it is still possible to cancel a reservation  and take back the entire prepaid amount. Only the small bank fee for the operation will be on your charge. What you only have to do to not loose the money, is to cancel before the flight taking off in case of arrivals in our airports, and maximum three hours before the pick up time in case of transfer from the hotel in Italy. To proceed with the cancelation, it is enough to contact us at 00392- 3928123573 by calling, texting a sms or texting in whatsapp. You can also email us at : If you will not be in time with the cancellation unfortunately you will loose the entire amount of the service you have booked, or the amount of the first service of the package you have booked.

Civitavecchia port transfer or tour cancellation

What happens if you cancel one service after booking a package

What happens if flights delay or flights are cancelled- You will find your driver at the airport even if the flight will be much delayed. We are able to track the flights from here and  menage the delays. Of course we can see also the flight cancellations from here. If your flight will be cancelled and you will not come anymore in Rome you will have your money back, only paying the small bank fee for sending them back. Otherwise,  you can leave us the money and benefit from your prepaid reservation next time you will come

Transfers at night time – Every pick up operated within 22.30 and 6,00 will be considered done at night time. For the arrivals at the airport we consider the flight landing time as the pick up time. So if the flight will land at 22,15 and you will meet the driver at 23,00 you will not have to pay any extra. For the pick up at the airports or from Rome city to the airports the rate will increase of 10 euros. For the transfers from Rome city to other cities or from other cities to Rome the rate will increase of 10% of the total amount. In case of delay we will consider the effective landing time as the pick up time.

Drivers waiting time at the airport- The rate of your transfer includes already the driver waiting time at the airport and there is no limit to the free waiting in case in case you have booked more than one service with us. If you have booked only one service there is a waiting time limit and it is 1,5 hours. After one and a half hour from your landing time there will be an extra fee of 5 euros for every 30 minutes of waiting. So, in example, if you will show up to the driver after 2 hours from the landing time you will have to pay ( cash to the driver ) an extra fee of 5 euros. If you will show up after two and a half hours it will be 10 euros extra fee.  Please note that even if you have booked more than one service, after one and a half hour from the landing time, if we will not have news from  you, we will declare ” customer no show “, driver will go away and you will loose the prepaid amount. That is why from our side,  we will try to get in touch with you just after the landing time, using your mobile number. So please, switch on your telephone as soon as you come out from the airplane. You  must try to get in touch with us too. You can reach us  using our call center number : 0039 – 3928123573 ( text message or whatsapp ) or emailing us at It is  also possible, as an extreme case, that you come out from the luggage recovery room and search for your driver. The rooms are adjacent and the driver will show a sign with your name.

How long before we declare no show – After one hour and a half of waiting, if we will not be able to get in touch with you, we will declare no show and the driver will go away. In case of no show you will lose the money payed in advance. THAT IS WHY IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU SWITCH ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE AS SOON AS THE AIRPLANE IS DOWN. We will start trying to to reach you just after 15 minutes the landing time, calling or texting you by sms or whatsapp if you have it. You will have to try to reach us too. Use the number 0039-3928123573 ( calling or texting sms or whatsapp ) or email us at In case things will not not yet run smooth, you can leave the recovery bags room and step into the adjacent drivers and relatives waiting room and search for your driver. He will hold a sign  showing your name.

How do I meet my driver at Fiumicino airport – The driver at airport will show a sign with your name or a name we have agreed before. To meet him follow this simple instructions. If you have only hand luggage or if you will find quickly your luggage on the tape, come out without waiting our calling and search for the sign with your name in the cloud of drivers. Otherwise, if you need time to wait for the luggage, do as following. Switch on your mobile immediately and wait for our calling, our sms message or our whatsapp message. After about 20 minutes from the landing time, we will start to call you to  tell you where exactly you will find the driver with the sign. In fact, in each terminal there are 4 meeting point columns, numbered from 1 to 4. Even tough they are very close each other, we will tell which  one is the one with our driver. Of course you can try to reach us too as soon as the airplane allows you to switch on the telephone. Contact us at 0039-3928123573 ( calling or sms or whatsapp ) or to the mail :

How do I meet the driver in Ciampino airport – Meeting the driver in Ciampino airport is very easy because the airport is really very small. After the luggage recovery room you will step out in the small relatives and driver waiting room. The number of the drivers waiting will be small and you will easily find the one holding the sign with your name. Though, it is still important that you switch on your phone as soon as the flight is down in order to let us contact you to give you our welcome in Rome. We may reach you by a calling, text message with sms or a whatsapp message. Of course if you need you can can contact us first.  You can reach us at 0039- 3928123573 by calling, sms message or whatsapp message. Our email is

How do I meet the driver at Civitavecchia port – As soon as you step out from the recovery luggage room you see a cloud of drivers waiting with the signs. You just have to find yours. Remembers that drivers do not wait near their cars, but in a specifica area wanted from the port authority, so do not go far from this area.  As for the airports, it is very important that you switch on you phone as soon as you wake up in Civitavecchia. Even tough meeting the driver in Civitavecchia is really very easy, the chance to use the phone makes everything much easier. If you need to contact us call our call center at 0039 – 3928123573, or sending a text message or a whatsapp message. You can also email us at Sometimes the ships send the people out sooner from what they had promised. That is  for reasons of organizations. In case  you come out of the ship sooner our appointment, you try to call us and we will do our best to make the driver arriving sooner. Otherwise, just wait patiently there

Do we need a sedan or a minivan ? – sedan can take maximum four people and maximum two big bags and one hand bag. Otherwise you can put one big bag, one medium bag and two hand bags and so on.

How many of us and how many bags in a minivan – The biggest minivan in Italy ( after we have the busses ) is for 9 people : the driver plus 8 traveller. It can keep 8 big bags plus 4 hand bags. Otherwise, 8 big bags plus 2 medium bags. Otherwise 6 big bags, 3 medium bags and 3 hand bags and so on.

What cars do we have


my hotel distance from the point of departure is included in the rate ?

Why do I have to leave my phone number to book