Fiumicino<>Castelli Romani


Price, elegance and professionalism: choose to turn your transfer from a necessity to a pleasure!..And if you need to come often contact us to set up a package offer cut to size for your situation!  




Professional Rome Taxi Service NO HIDDEN COSTS!
Luggage, Taxis and Services Included
Tel. 0039- 3475917000 English Speaking Drivers – A. C. – Free Wi-Fi On Board

Distance: 40 kms (24,8 miles )

Estimate time: 35 minutes


Paypal transacton fee paid by us.

No extra charge if you by credit card directly to the driver. 

 miniTaxitoCivitavecchia-Sedan12  1 person  80 € booknowbello iconapaypal 
 2-3 people 80 € booknowbello iconapaypal
 miniTaxitoCivitavecchia-Minivan12 (2)   4-6 people 90 €  booknowbello iconapaypal
 7-8 people  100 €  booknowbello  iconapaypal
   paypalcardsok  postarossaripiena 

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