Pick-ups developing


Pick-up developing at Civitavecchia port

The meeting at Civitavecchia port between the drivers and the customer is very simple. Our drivers are allowed get into the port custom, so they can reach right the entrance of the ships with their own cars. Whatever will be the pier you will arrive in Civitavecchia port our driver will be there. As soon as you get out from the luggage claim room of the ship, usually you have to walk a fifty meters white tunnel set up right for the check out. You will find our driver standing among  the others holding a sign with your name on right at the end of this tunnel. Some other times, the tunnel is not set up and after the luggage claim you will get out directly in front of the barrier of drivers.


 Pick up in Fiumicino airport landing at terminal 1

 If  you are traveling on a domestic flight, you may happen to arrive at terminal one; after the luggage claim, you will get into a big lounge through the sliding doors placed in front of the post office, which will be the meeting point for this terminal if you arrive with a domestic flight. if your flight has an international origin we will wait for you in front of the sunglass shop, located about hundred meters on the left hand side of the post office, of course holding the sign with your name.


Pick up in Fiumicino airport landing at terminal 3

Meeting the driver at terminal three will be even easier than meeting at the terminal one. The big lounge after the luggage claim is decorated with several columns. All of these columns are green except one which is brown with the sign “Meeting Point”on it. Of course, our driver will welcome you there.


Pick up developing in Ciampino airport

Ciampino airport is a small airport with only one terminal. This terminal is very small and the drivers are used to wait outside the terminal in order the evoid a congestion inside it. After the luggage claim you will get out in this small terminal. After that terminal you will pass through the only automathic door out in the sunshine. Our driver will be there to welcome you holding a sign with your name.

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